Shop Policy and Terms of Conditions


🙈 My price, my rule. Please do not dictate how much do I need to price my items since I have bills, employees and tax to pay. I am not a home shop. If you think the price is way too overpriced, scroll up and look for a cheaper price. Or better, buy directly in weverse and send it directly to your country. Do not use others service to avoid extra charges. DO IT ON YOUR OWN. I'm not doing it for charity.

👉 All of our items are authentic and bought from authorized distributors of kpop merchandise.

They are all sealed unless stated otherwise, so we cannot handle factory defects or missing items. For resell items from locals, flaws are stated on the post, if there is any. I only give picture and videos to paid items. Any additional requests will not be entertained. If you have doubts, better look for other shop who can accommodate extra requests.

👉 If there is an instance that the items has fine scratches or fine lines imprints or discoloration on the products due to manufacturing process, please understand that these are normal and this is not a subject or reason for return or refund.

Actual product may slightly vary in appearance or color due to your monitor or resolution settings.


💸 ITEMS CAN BE SOLD OUT WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. PRIORITY FOR THE ONE WHO PAY FIRST. If you cart the item in our online selling flatform, it doesn't mean you bought it already. I can open if someone who can pay immediately. FOR PAY FIRST BEFORE ORDER POLICY, IF THE ITEM IS SUDDENLY SOLD OUT IN WEBSITE AND YOU DIDN'T PAY YET YOUR ORDER, YOUR ORDER WILL NOT PROCEED, SORRY.

🗳 For Albums and other merchandise, outbox is use to protect the item inside, so IF THE OUTBOX HAS DENTS AND DAMAGES BUT THE MAIN ITEMS ARE OK INSIDE, WE ARE NOT GOING TO REFUND. Even if we pack well your items, dents are inevitable. I cannot handle how Couriers will deliver your box.


📦 For box sent via EMS, EMS PREMIUM (UPS)

, FEDEX OR DHL or Shopee (if your country has sensitive custom) please be advised that clients will be the one to handle the custom fees and taxes in your country. I can make lower declarations except for too much undervalue and for some instances that custom will raise fees on your package, clients will be the one to Handle it. PLEASE CHECK YOUR CUSTOM OR TAX DETAILS BEFORE ORDERING.


🚨 📸🎥 Upon arrival of the item, please do unboxing video WITHOUT CUT FROM OPENING SHOWING ALL THE SIDES OF THE BOX for dispute purposes (esp items sent by EMS, UPS, DHL, FEDEX & SHOPEE). We are keeping packing video until 2 day after your product is delivered. NO UNBOXING I DON'T EXCHANGE. For Sea Cargo and Aircargo boxes to PH, unboxing of your items before packing to your cargo is being sent to you. Please keep it especially if sent via Kakao. ALWAYS SAVE PICTURES and VIDEOS sent via kakaotalk.

CCTV is place under packing area and can be accessed if problem will occur.

Missing, damage because of unforeseen events or due to Courier's negligence is not our fault.


🙅‍♀️ Please understand, due to sensitivity of the items, we don't accept Cash On Delivery. For KR warehouse Lending, Pay all the pending fees before I will send your package.


👌 For Items for Sale, We do Pay As You Order scheme. For Pre orders, deposit or Full pay is needed to secure your slots, since I only offer items that I already secured. Cancelation from websites is inevitable and will be announced.


🙅‍♀️ My perks and points or discounts will not be transferred to clients. Together with events, raffles and any prize when I ordered your order using my accounts will NOT be transferred to buyer. Please do not demand these.

I can check out your order under your account with different fees.


🤝🧾 My Mode Of Payment is via PayPal , Payoneer , From Wise to my USD account, Korean Bank transfer, Philippines Bank under BDO or BPI. Clients will be the one to pay for the charges.


❌ Cancelation or exchange is not allowed if the order is already arranged or we already had a deal.

Before making a purchase, please make sure to be 101% decided to get the item. I don't do reservations for very limited slot. If you already had cancelation issue with me, you can never get slots for good items in the future.


🙇‍♀️ Please tell me the plans on your items if the items are already shipping soon or intransit. Plans such as, what courier you will use? will I unbox your items from weverse? or send the weverse package as is and do not unbox it or, remove the box but fold and include it in the package or, Do not fold the poster or , Fold the poster and throw the poster tube to save shipping fee. IF YOU DIDN'T INFORM ME WITH YOUR PLANS, WITHOUT WARNING, I WILL PROCEED TO PACK YOUR PACKAGE AS WHAT I KNOW BETTER IN SAVING SHIPPING FEE AND SENDING YOUR PACKAGE SAFE. Please also try to consider the fact that I'm the one who can see the real sizes and weight of the items , I will pack them well to make it safe and have at least cheaper shipping. Your request on your box will be accepted as long as you will pay the shipping well and DO NOT ASK ME TO REPACK AGAIN IF YOU SUDDENLY SEE THE EXPENSIVE SHIPPING FEE.


🚫 I am paid to consolidate or pack your packages BUT I'm not paid to REPACK if your package is already packed. If you want to line up your package to be consolidated and packed, please give me the details or instructions you want or if you have priority item or limit budget , so I can adjust your box. NO TRIAL AND ERROR PACKING. MY TIME or my employee's time is very expensive, so please avoid lining up for packing then you will not pay for a long time. If your package is ready to send, you must pay within 3days. I'm receiving many packages everyday and I cannot afford to stock your package in my receiving area.


📦 If the item has no POB, I don't do video unboxing already. (I do open the boxes under CCTV ) I will take picture of the Box tracking details from weverse and the item inside. I will do unboxing videos on items that have POB or special benefits. IF YOU ORDER UNSEALED ALBUMS Or Merch from Local sellers, I will do unboxing videos on the items visible but I WILL NOT VIDEO OR PICTURE ALL THE MERCH INCLUSIONS INSIDE. Please ask your seller to do packing video for you. I also DO NOT test products specially any electronic merch or gadgets. If you ask me to buy or you buy electronic devices, I WILL NOT TEST IT. Please check the item restrictions in your country to avoid box return. Some countries do not accept Liquid items, any perishable food, any food, any items battery included, battery nor weapons.


🤑 To order, screenshot or send the link of the item you want to buy in my Instagram or Kakaotalk. Or if it's posted in my Shopee accounts, just click Check out, pay and the item will be send to you.


🙇‍♀️ As much as you value your time and money, same with me. Everything has price value so that a good job will be done. I AM NOT A CHARITY SHOP.


💌 Message us first for more information.


We offer:


🏢 Korean Address rental

📦 Package Consolidating

🚢✈ International Sending

📫 Korean to Korean address Sending

💲PROXY Buying service to Korean Websites


Thank you so much.